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UCO Recently Welcomed Guernsey Industries

UCO Industries recently hosted Guernsey Industries on April 5th. Guernsey Industries mission is to assist people with developmental disabilities to achieve full community participation through vocational, educational, and independent living opportunities. They include services such as building pallets and outdoor furniture (picnic tables, park benches, porch swings). They also offer assembly and packaging jobs and others to assist the lives of those with disabilities. They joined UCO staff including Dave Amerine, Ted Edelberger, Dan Gardner, and Sarah Snapp to learn more about UCO Industries and the way in which we go about serving our customers and employees. It was a wonderful visit and tour and mutually beneficial for both parties. Pictured above from left to right are: Sarah Snapp, Brad Hess from Guernsey, Staci Knoff from Guernsey and Dave Amerine.

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