UCO has upped the bar on our employee recognition program. Raise the Bar has been a great tool for our staff to nominate another staff member for going above and beyond their regular job. In the past, each month we would recognize 2 individuals at random from all the nomination forms by awarding each a gift card. Being a new year, we made it even bigger! We are still recognizing at random, but in addition the Leadership team is coming together to handpick the contribution we feel makes the biggest impact for the month! This individual is also awarded a gift card while getting their picture and Raise the Bar nomination form posted on our internal board.  We will also  recognize the winner through our website and social media pages.

Our January 2018 winners were both nominated for the same great contribution and are both being selected as the UCO Raise the Bar All Stars for the month!

Justin (left) and Dan G. (right) both helped an employee back into her car when the parking lot was icy!

Thank you Justin and Dan for your dedication to safety, respect, and helping others!